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I am welcoming myself to this website. :) I've been looking through.. and I thought some peeople might relate.

I've always been overweight.. then I've gain a lot right after I got married, even though I was always heavy, I wasn't always really "FAT" and after 2 years of marriage, I was feeling fat.. so I went on a diet.. diet choice.. this was my FIRST attempt at a diet in my whole LIFE.. went on weight watchers.. I mean I made a decision and I did it! I lost weight! I thought it was nearly impossible as I've never lost weight just like that.. consciently going and succeeding .. I've lost 42 lbs total.. I was slim down to my normal size 10-11.. for someone with frame like me, its not so bad. I know myself and I was happy with it. Then I just gained 5 lbs and I just went crazy trying to take it off! I went back to weight watchers.. yet this time I don't know what I've been doing.- RESULT: Unsuccessful.. just can't bring myself to lose weight. I was working out.. not in a routine, but let's 2 times a week.. I stay stable, just not losing. Then after 3 months. I stopped. Today I go back to the GYM.. GYM. I have personal trainer for the first week.. I will go 3 times a week. I have harsh schedule. I work full time and I go to school half time. Making time to go to the gym is GIFT to myself. I think I will lose by going to the gym without cutting my calories. I think I've reached a block where I can't cut anymore calories. I can never make the maximum points allowed for weight watchers.. I also go over it by 5 points or more. If I workout I might make it and won't be so disappointed if I don't make the the 23 points.

So Tell me.. anyone in the rut like myself?? I'll continue to post and I will give comments to anyone.. I just want to have some buddies to keep me going.
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